We build custom bookstores and publishing programs for businesses with communities who wish to increase knowledge and strengthen community bonds.


Our Mission

We aim to create and sell books that always find their just-right readers, so a go-to-market strategy is baked in to editorial development. We provide professional book-publishing services without the red tape of traditional publishers and an easy way to sell and fulfill books to your audience.

Julie is a publishing expert with a proven success record of promoting indie and traditionally published authors.
— Annette Leach, Publisher, Mindpress Media

Our Principles


We present new experiences and hidden gems among the world’s best writers and creators. We support experts and writers, and value great design and thoughtful prose. We seek to surprise and delight. We always seek new paths and explore new technology and format.


There is no other media that delivers the ability to walk in another’s shoes as well as a book. Through reading, we create empathy, mutual understanding, shared experiences, and the expansion of ideas.


Books and ideas change lives. Whether it is the temporary pleasure of getting lost in an engrossing story, the healing power of knowledge, or the invitation to explore new worlds, we seek to create and present books that change the world.