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We build custom bookstores and publishing programs for businesses who wish to increase knowledge and strengthen community bonds.

What’s Different ABOut How We Publish?

82 Stories is a new book production company that helps authors and experts publish excellent books by reverse-engineering the typical process of book publishing.

Traditional publishing is a “hits” business — publishers produce many books every year and plan for a few bestsellers, meaning most books in the middle never receive the attention or exposure to the audience they deserve.

Self-publishing seems like a good answer—it’s faster and authors have more control. But publishing with Amazon equally full of landmines. With 4,000 books published every day, it’s tough to get noticed.

We connect books with readers first. We build your book and your audience at the same time.

I really liked working with Julie and felt confident in the team’s ability to get my book to print within a very tight deadline. I did not give them a great deal of time to go from manuscript to publication, and Julie kept everything on track with transparent communication, good humor, and ruthless efficiency. I am planning my next book already.
— Joe Rand

Why SELL and publish books?

Thought Leadership

The content you craft for your website, blog, and social posts gets lost over time, but books endure and reinforce your authority. Not only that, but the content you develop for your book can be used to support your brand in every media.

Create New Streams of Revenue

Both book publishing programs and books sales can bring new revenue into your organization. We support business and niche publishers as well as authors, so if you’ve wanted to create a publishing and/or book business within your organization, we can do that for you.

Support Marketing and PR

Books are trustworthy containers of knowledge and credibility. They are also excellent marketing and publicity vehicles! The publication of a new book is newsworthy, and it also identifies the author as a natural expert.