Go on a blind date with a book

A great summer read - guaranteed!*

As a book-selling experiment, I’ve chosen something for every fiction-lover from a selection of this summer’s hottest paperbacks.

Average retail price is $16. 1 for $15 or 2 for $28. Discounts taken in the cart. $5 shipping for all U.S. Orders.


*If you don’t love your book, return it with a letter explaining why, and we’ll help you choose another one on us.

Choose your most appealing read:

  1. INTERNATIONAL MYSTERY - a lusty Bavarian widow enjoys the pleasures of Italy...and murder. Your new favorite series.

  2. VACATION THRILLER - thinking of taking that private jet to Martha's Vineyard? Read this instead.

  3. DOMESTIC THRILLER - it's a good thing you weren't invited to that dinner party. "A tale of deception, duplicity, and unfaithfulness..."

  4. WILDERNESS MYSTERY - Five women go on a hike in the Australia outback, four return. "Lord of the Flies, with grown women as schoolboys.

  5. WORKPLACE ROM-COM - Seeking a breezy beach read but have trouble leaving work, or your work nemesis behind? This book is for you!

  6. YA FANTASY - Love the Magicians, Lewis Carrol and Edgar Allen Poe? This gorgeous creepy fairy tale will sink its teeth into you.

  7. GEEKY ROM-COM - If algorithms can predict consumer purchases, it makes sense to apply them to finding a mate, right? "Unexpected, unconventional, unputdownable."

  8. LITERARY SELF-DISCOVERY - An American takes a grand European tour of foibles, humiliations, and self-deprecation. Take this PULITZER-winning novel on your next long plane ride.

  9. LITERARY FAMILY SAGA - Love Chinese takeout and family sagas? You'll also enjoy this multi-generational comic novel about family secrets, scandal, and patriotism...

  10. LITERARY FANTASY - In this smart, funny, dark and erotic tale, a scholar looks for love everywhere until she finds an eerily attractive merman on a beach...

  11. TINDER ROM-COM - Are you a millennial swiping for love? Then you'll relate to this NYC-based rom-com for the Tinder age.

  12. FEMINIST ROM-COM - Looking for a sports-themed romance with a sharp feminist edge? You've found it with this bestselling REESE WITHERSPOON pick.

  13. WORKPLACE FICTION - This is a Silicon-Valley-based book for any woman who has ever felt the pressure of establishing herself in a male-dominated profession.

  14. HISTORICAL THRILLER - Transport yourself to glamourous Northern Africa at midcentury with this sharp dagger of a book.

  15. BRIDESMAID ROM-COM - Been in too many weddings lately? At least you're not planning one for your bridezilla best friend. This laugh-out-loud funny book has been a Bridget Jones for a new generation.

  16. FANTASY THRILLER - Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey with a splash of red wine & Twin Peaks. Need I say more?